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What! Family Travel Blog

We want to see the world!

Do you want to support our dream of travelling? HOST US!

or mail to:

We are happy for any
😘 offered couch from 1 up to 5 days
😘 advice on places we should see
😘 help in finding hosts if you can not host us by yourself
😘 support by showing us around

What we want to see!

Here is a provisional list of our travelling plans:

  • Judenburg (Austria) , leaving home by September 2021
  • heading for Vienna (visiting Michaels Brother), Bratislava (Slovakia)an all the way through Slovakia to Uschgorod (Ukraine) –> we are still searching family friendly hosts
  • Riwne is our next destination to see couchsurfing friends
    who we miss and love to visit
    –> Say: „Hey friends! We´re coming!“
  • We also want to go to Lyon (France) to meet our Friend Alex.
  • Hopefully we manage to see the „City of Love“: Paris
  • And travel to the place at 14510 Houlgate (France)
    to the nice family holiday apartment , say: „Thanks, Alex!!!“
  • Granada (Spain) to see our beloved friend Jan
    and stay with him for a while in this beautuful city
  • Barcelona (Spain) where we hope NOT to get robbed again
    –> and find a privat host instead
  • Sant Pol de Mar to get lost in memories, where we found help and support by the great nude-community there, when we visitet this village in 2008
  • Turin (Italy)
    –> searching for a nice place to stay
  • Mailand (Italy) and we will show up by our longtime friend Valentina,
    say: “ We´re finally here!“
  • Venedig (Italy) before it is going to be the second Atlantis
    –> can we find hosts to eat all the italian food with us?
  • Triest, Postoina (to see the great cave) Ljubljana (to worship the dragons)
    –> we are searching hosts or try to stay at the great celica
  • Sisan (Istrien) to get some rest at our families holiday area

  • And if it is only possible to go around Austria, because of Corona, we are happy to visit all our friends and stay for some days.

What we can offer to you!

We try to earn some money while we are on tour, just to keep sure we can do all this kilometers without the fear to get broke. So here ist what we can do and maybe get your attention with this ideas:

Livingroom Concerts and Street Music click 💚 here
–> because we are Musicians
–> watch our first LIVE STREAM

Music Workshops and Sound Production click 💚 here
–> because Michael is a Music Producer

Massage, Health Prevention, Rota Therapy click 💚 here
–> because Lena is a Physiotherapist

Kids Entertainment and Creative Project Support click 💚 here
–> because Lena is a Kindergarten Teacher
and Blogger for all sorts of DIY/ Handcraft/ Design/ Ideas

Writing Stories and Workshops for writers click 💚 here
–> because Lena is an author

donation only
we take what our knowledge and skills are worth to you.

What we do at the moment?

see where we are #Ukraine

see where we are #Spain

see where we are #Italy