Austrian FAMILY in Ukraine

This is US
We are Lena 38, Michael 38
Fenia 12 and Juri 10

living in Austria/ Styria/ Judenburg

love music, reading, play games,
people and adventures

We are busy by planing the trip. Our living room mirror is a project planing tool now. The list is long. We´re shifting papers round from „to do“ to „done“ and get excited if we manage to finish something.

We try to rent our special wooden house by AirBNB while we are travelling.

We were out for a pre-journey adventure to upper Austria/ Linz/ Garsten to surf CARAFLORA´s couch at her lovely farmhouse. It was a pleasure to feed the animals and the 100year old oven that gave us a cosy heat at the kitchen. Don´t miss to see the old mill if you ever visit this quiet, peaceful place. ( Februar 2020)

The Corona crisis is not going to stop our travelling plans. We are still hopeful and prepare to set the kids on homeschooling for one year and planing our trip, even if we have to think smaller now and out of the box!

( M. Sornig)

Abfahrt! Finally we start our first month of travelling. First day, 04.09.2021 and we have perfect weather. We are ready to go to Garsten, our first destination at CaraFloras farm again. ❤️

We visited the wonderful city Steyr and love it. Beautiful buildings and interesting exhibitions surprised us.

We failed to see Ars Electronica Center AGAIN because we had to rescue a BabyBat that we found the moment we wanted to leave the farm in Garsten. So sweet and tiny. We only went to Linz to see Thalia Bookshop and the kids happily stayed in the MangaCorner for hours😂

Relaxed in Vienna with Family. We enjoy Böhmischer Prater🥳

Totally tired😆back to the house of uncle and aunti😊

Good bye to Vienna

To avoid too much traffic in your mailbox we changed the way to let you know where we are#now. There will be no more mails/ the Abo-function is offline! Look @ the homepage whenever you like to follow our journey.🤗

Happy travellers 🤩

First impressions of Hungarian. After some bad expressions at the breaks on the motorway, we finally had very nice food in Bistro Paranyi and a quick walk through Budapest in the evening.

Walking through Budapest we found some nice places to have a relaxing time: started an art project in a park by sticking feathers to a tree, found incredibly good icecream at Bruno, had some Baos at BaoBox, went to a SecondHand Shop and asked passengers to translate. Now we know about this Statue with the Footballplayer.ás. „He is the most known Person from Hungarian all over the world and a national Hero!“, we were told.

We didn’t want to go to the tourist places but we went to a really magical place ! 🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏽‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🦉🦄🕷🐀🐲🪴⚡️

The flying broom is a very cool Harry Potter ThemeCafe with magical smoking drinks, a lot of creative selfmade decoration from the PotterUniverse and friendly service. 🦉 We were happy that our couchsurfing friend Roland and Sevde had time to host us and joined the Harry Potter adventure.

Short stop to Hajdúnánás to have cheap and delicious food @a nice bistro with a German speaking waiter who worked in Schladming & Gastein.

Close to the border to Ukraine 🇺🇦

Waiting @the border! Kids are watching „My neighbor Totoro„ and don’t care 🥳 Thank god, we bought a tablet! 🙇🏻

AirBNB in Uschgorod for one night. After only one hour delay at the border we got our first impressions of Ukraine: old buildings and crazy broken roads next to WOW-wonderful buildings. We don’t understand any letters and saw a lot of amazing big bats.

Big surprise! The next day we found ourselves in the middle of a busy City-Festival with all kinds of performances specially from kids to show their schools. Extraordinary Pole-Dance and nice music!

We planed a full day in the car and lost time again by walking through Uschgorod, which is a really nice place.

Finally we started the roadtrip and felt like a mixed milkshake after some minutes due to the really bad roads. Many holes and also small hills on the surface, that looked like a punch of moles tried to dig themselves out under the asphalt, kept us away from driving too fast.

We had some nice rests und only stopped for toilet and some food and finally made it to Lwiw by 20.00

No luck with Couchsurfing or AirBNB! So we spontaneously booked an apartment in the center and got really lucky to find this new and clean and not too expensive place AvalonApartment.

In the „morning“ of Sunday 12. September ( we basically stand up at 9.00) we are busy with the travelling diaries again.

No troubles with food! We found English speaking people and there is a kebab in every city around the world I guess. We ordered by pressing a finger at the picture.😅 Small and big markets are also easy to find.

Some interesting money called Hrywnja.

Some nice pictures from our walk through Lviv. We found a lot of creative styled bars. The most interesting place was Craft&Kumpel‘ Beer Atelier that served a very well made Apfelstrudel with Icecream and VanillaSauce.

And that was the fun the kids liked the most❤️🧡💛💚💙🇺🇦🥰❤️💛🧡💚💙

Who finds the special book that we saw at a second hand street market? 😱🧐🤨😣😳🤔🤭🤫😵‍💫

After a couple of some necessary and some interesting stops we really made it!

We drove all the way to Rivne and finally meet Olga and Roman again!

Some intense morning Yoga together started a great first day in Rivne.

We found some awesome sculptures at the nearby park and …

Enjoyed some very very sticky sugar-cotton-clouds on a stick 🤣 and …

Had a lot to laugh when we tried to do a tricky panorama-picture.

Another interesting HarryPotter Cafe but the butterbeer was not what we expected ( milkshake!)! It was made with real beer! 🤔😣🤨

Went to have breakfast outdoors at a very nice lake in Ostvytsya that has too much bacteria to swim it but still gives water to the city. 🤔There is an open air museum with rebuilt houses and boats that show how people used to lived here.

Just the girls out for shopping in some very nice secondhand shops.

Some quiet time at home with games and 🍰 cake Michael made.

And the boys were out on a small Marvel and Minecraft exhibition.

Saturday activities 18.09.2021: Volynski Browar to taste some unique beer 🍺 and a nice walk in Berezne Dendro Park (Dendropark Bereznivsʹkoho) with cold weather but really nice autumn colors around us. Great day!

Weddingday NR 9 ❤️ 21.09.2021

Out for a walk through Rivne Centralpark

Last day in Riwne. Crafting a toy for the cats while we all became cats. Delicious breakfast at „Honey it‘s me“ and great Sushi in the evening made our day!

Lutzk is our last adventure here, we explore the castle, park and city and finally eat Borschtsch and beetroot’s in all possible ways.

Thanks „Rolga and Oman“ 😁 we had a great time with you!

Took us 2 hours to cross the border to Poland.

One night in Chelm @ Hotel Lwöw, with dirty floor but huge breakfast (26.09.21) Poland surprises us with streets, houses, fields and cars that basically look like home in Austria 🇦🇹. Only the mountains are missing.

We have a break @ the wonderful Castle 🏰 Lancut (Landshut) and take a walk around the impressive park with huge trees.

Save and sound at a great couchsurfing place near Krakow. Thanks Wieslaw and family for the great time and the comfort beds at your beautiful house 👍🥰

We will definitely come again one day to see more of the wonderful buildings of Krakow. Everything is nice 👍 pretty and we felt very comfort at the center!

Also found something special: small museum of optical illuminations! Great place to laugh your ass off!!!

Dino Park in Ostrava! Great area that shows a lot of things that look like out of the JurassicPark movies!

Checkia: worst airBNB but cheap!

Great Museum of Science in Olmütz! We learned a lot and it was fun to explore light, sound, nature and physics in many different ways.

Last stop at our loved friends Rupi&Evelina in Langenlois.

Home sweet Home 03.10.2021 / 21.00

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