Austrian FAMILY in Italy

Off we go! Last travel time, we are ready.

This time we have our new dog Mira with us! Rateće/ Slovenia

There are wonderful lakes at the border to Italy.

Take care, it’s slippery there! Fenia knows!!!

We reach the wonderful and quiet Jesolo and it’s empty!

We found hundreds of shells, many huge stranded jellyfishes, and no/ zero/nada tourists!

We put all beds together in one room- huge familybed!

The dog is in chill- mode too.

Next destination is Peschiere del Garda. We stay at a camping and rent a small mobile home. It is cosy but lake stinks. We only use the pool but enjoy the nice few.

The kids are very brave and enjoy to sing at karaoke- evening! We are very proud 🥹

Daytrip to Verona and the balcony of Juliette 🥰 we also found a very nice Harry Potter store and bought some sweet shirts and a slitherin cap for Juri 🧙🏽‍♂️🧙🏻

Short stop at Bergamo. We had tasty Chinese food and found very nice parks and another H.P. store to explore. 28*C at the city and for traveling is a challenge. Mira couldn’t stay at the trunk any more, she slept between the kids at the back of the car —- but it’s not allowed 🚫 so don’t tell anyone 🤫

The wonderful place Pianello del Lario/Calozzo/ at lake Como is amazing. Stunning view from the garden, very relaxing, and the house is very old with an open pacio, built in 1600 and with dungeon and stone floors, open firepit at the kitchen … a very adventure.

The house „ Il Cortile“ and it’s wonderful patio
Small break at Meolo, they have very very very tasty ice cream

And finally our traveling comes to an end! After two lazy days at Redipuglia/ Monfalcone ( we were basically at the AirBNB to have a rest, watch movies and sleep 😴) we arrive Istria. The well known holiday home is our last destination.

We got homesick so we will be back soon again! After 10 days at the sea we really felt cooked- it is very hot already- and we miss our home 🏠

But we had a lot of nice visitors this time:

Short stop at sculpture park Dubrova/ near Labin. A really great place!

And our last destination as always has to be Roč with the great Konoba Ročka and the homemade food, delicious truffle pasta 🤪

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